One of the central insights in Ontological Security Studies (OSS) has been that agents seek biographical continuity and a sense of stable and healthy sense. Even though remembering plays a significant part in this process, the politics of memory has not been at the centre of ontological security scholarship. This chapter aims to fill this gap. Drawing on the existing scholarship in OSS, it shows how and why collective agents use memory politics to underpin their ontological security. Furthermore, the chapter posits that the politics of memory can have both generative, degenerative, preventive, and restorative effects on ontological security seeking in world politics. Finally, the chapter systematises the existing literature on different forms of memory politics involved in ontological security along a securitisation/desecuritisation continuum. In conclusion, the chapter discusses the broader relevance of these insights and suggests ideas on how to move forward this exciting research agenda lying at the intersection of OSS and memory studies.

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